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EU Pharmacists - Free English Classes

Do you want to start working in Ireland and take English classes for Free while working in a leading Irish pharmacy chain?

Clarity can help you make it happen!

Learn more about the process below and get in touch with us today!

The Steps:

1. 45 minute Online English assessment to ensure your English at the appropriate level for the program

2. Video interview with our Client (McCauley Health and Beauty Pharmacy)

3. If there is a match, you will move to Ireland for 3 months of paid, intensive training working as a Pharmacy Technician while taking English Classes (classes will be in the evening via Skype)

4. Pass your English exam

5. Register as a pharmacist in Ireland

6. Guaranteed job as a Pharmacist!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Get in touch with us today!

Posted on 17 January 2020
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