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Paediatric Service Manager - South Dublin

Paediatric Service Manager - South Dublin

Temporary Full Time
General or Staff Nurse
Clarity Healthcare is recruiting for a Paediatric Service Manager for a hospital in South Dublin.

Overall Purpose of Job
  • To provide exceptional patient care in an environment where quality, respect, caring and compassion are at the centre of all we do.
  • To provide professional / clinical leadership in the designated area(s) of responsibility.
  • To oversee the management of resources including staffing and staff development.
  • To facilitate communication across the healthcare teams.
  • This post has a pivotal role in service planning and development, coordinating and managing activity and resources within the clinical area. The responsibilities include: overseeing the quality of nursing care, the development and implementation of policy and procedures, the monitoring of activity and the delivery of agreed levels of service for the designated area(s).
Key Responsibilities and Deliverables
Professional /Clinical
The Service Manager will:
  • Provide a high level of professional and clinical leadership
  • Provide safe, comprehensive nursing care to service users within the guidelines laid out by An Bord Altranais
  • Provide professional and specialist advice
  • Review, develop and implement policies/ procedures in collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • Manage, monitor and evaluate professional and clinical standards ensuring an evidence based, care planning approach
  • Participate in teams as appropriate, communicating and working in co-operation with other team members
  • Facilitate co-ordination, co-operation and liaison across healthcare teams and programmes
  • Collaborate with service users, family, carers and other staff in treatment / care planning and in the provision of support and advice
  • Communicate results of assessments, treatment / care programmes and recommendations to the team and relevant others in accordance with service policy / as required
  • Formulate, manage and implement best practice policies and procedures
  • Ensure that service users and others are treated with dignity and respect
  • Ensure the maintenance of nursing records in accordance with local service and professional standards
  • Adhere to and contribute to the development and maintenance of nursing standards, protocols and guidelines consistent with the highest standards of patient car
  • Evaluate and manage the implementation of best practice policy and procedures e.g. admission and discharge procedures, control and usage of stocks and equipment, grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • Maintain professional standards in relation to confidentiality, ethics and legislation
  • In consultation with other disciplines, implement and assess quality management programmes as appropriate
  • Participate in clinical audit as required and ensure that clinical audits are performed in his/her area(s) of responsibility
  • Operate within the Scope of Practice - seek advice and assistance from his / her manager with any cases or issues that prove to be beyond the scope of his / her professional competence in line with principles of best practice and clinical governance
  • Ensure staff work in compliance with the Scope of Practice
  • Ensures the effective delivery of competent, compassionate, and efficient care by monitoring and evaluating patient care processes and outcomes on the inpatient areas.
  • Recruits and retains competent, compassionate staff while monitoring performance standards and promoting fair labour practices.
  • Promotes a work environment that demonstrates caring by accessibility of safe equipment and adequate supplies in an efficiently arranged physical setting.
  • Operationalises and participates in continuous quality improvement and risk management programs at the unit level in a collaborative manner with multi-disciplinary colleagues.
  • Monitors fiscal budget to control operational and capital expenditures while monitoring and adjusting staffing patterns to improve unit productivity.
  • Identifies appropriate internal controls for the department; provides mechanisms to monitor and enforce compliance.
Standards and Quality of Care and Work
  • Determine Paediatric Service team quality indicators against which clinical practice can be measured.
  • Participate in Quality and Safety quality indicators and audits (Nursing Metrics, Hygiene etc).
Education and Training
  • Contribute to service development through appropriate continuous education, research initiatives, keeping up to date with nursing literature, recent nursing research and new developments in nursing management, education and practice and attend staff study days as considered appropriate
  • Provide support advice to those engaging in continuous professional development in his / her area of responsibility
  • Be familiar with the curriculum training programme for student nurses and be aware of the clinical experience required to meet the needs of the programme
  • Participate in the identification, development and delivery of induction, education, training and development programmes for nursing and non-nursing staff
  • Engage in performance review processes including personal development planning e.g. by setting own and staff objectives and providing and receiving feedback
  • Lead in development and evaluation of education and training, and other hospital programmes as required. Acts as an expert in the implementation of nursing education programmes.
  • Exercise authority and co-ordinate the functions of the assigned area(s)
  • Provide support, advice and direction to staff as required
  • Engage with the wider healthcare team and facilitate team building
  • Facilitate communication at ward and departmental level and within the senior nurse/midwife team
  • Provide staff leadership and motivation which is conducive to good working relations and work performance
  • Manage and promote liaisons with internal / external bodies as appropriate e.g. intra-hospital service, the community, voluntary organisations
  • Contribute to the strategic management and planning process
  • Formulate service plans and budgets in co-operation with the wider healthcare team
  • Lead on practice development within the clinical area.
  • Manage resources, including staff, efficiently and effectively to ensure the highest standards of service
  • Manage and evaluate the implementation of the service plan and budget
  • Provide reports on activity and services as required
  • Develop and manage departmental and nursing policy with a particular emphasis on change management. Monitor as appropriate and lead on proactive improvement
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements, policies and procedures affecting service users, staff and other hospital matters
  • Actively participate in the Nursing Management structure by ‘acting up’ when required
  • Engage in IT developments as they apply to service user and service administration
  • Provide nursing service team leadership
Clinical Responsibilities
The post holder will be familiar with and adhere to Scope of Nursing and Midwifery Practice Framework (NMBI 2015)
The post holder will partake in the Total Quality Management processes thereby contributing to:
  • The identification of quality/policy/guideline issues.
  • The evaluation of current practices to best practice.
  • The setting of standards utilising structure, process and outcome.
  • All hospital, regional and national audit processes.
  • The Hospital Wide Accreditation Cycle.
  • Health Promotion initiatives.


  • Maintains good working relationships with other departments and with physicians, patients, families and outside agencies.
  • Communicates during the shift with the Nurse Supervisor
  • Demonstrates the ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities.
  • Have a good sound knowledge base in rostering staff
  • Participates in ongoing consultation and collaboration with physicians and other care providers to maximize patient outcomes and unit specific goals.
  • Participates in unit-based and interdepartmental QI activities.
  • Demonstrates willingness to assist co-workers whenever needed.
  • NMBI Registered General Nurse licence in good standing.
  • Have at least 5 years post registration experience of which 2 must be in the speciality or related area.
  • Have the clinical, managerial and administrative capacity to properly discharge the functions of the role.
  • Demonstrate evidence of continuing professional development at the appropriate level.
  • Seven years post registration experience in an acute setting within the last 9 years
  • Two years of progressive management experience required.  The employee, must speak, read and write grammatically correct English.
  • Candidates must possess teaching abilities, leadership qualities, professional judgment, critical thinking and problem solving abilities and a sense of professional development.
  • Must demonstrate multi-tasking ability.
  • Paediatric service development experience showing evidence of specific project lead by the candidate and outcomes.

For more information on this hospital job or to apply contact



Kevin Bowler

00 353 1 5325441